Winter Series Cup

The Cup Series is comprised of fun tournaments with unique formats between October and March. Each event is flighted with prizes awarded to top teams. Points are given to individual players based on their team finish per event so recruit wisely! A player will be crowned after March Madness with an estimated pay out of $300+ and bragging rights as the Cup Champion.

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2021-2022 Winter Series Schedule

Oktoberfest - Sunday, October 24 11AM
4-Player Scramble, Shamble, Alternate Shot:  We kick off the Winter Series with a mix of formats!  Designated holes will be played as a scramble, shamble or alternate shot.

The Lone Turkey - Sunday, November 21 10AM
4-Player 3 & 1 Scramble: Each player on the 4-player team hits a tee shot. The player who hit the chosen tee shot plays his/her own ball in. The other three players play a scramble.  Both scores are recorded per hole. 

We ask all players to bring in three canned/dried foods to donate to those in need this holiday season.

Toys for Tots - Sunday, December 12  11AM
4-Player, 4-Club Scramble: Each player chooses 4 clubs to put into their bag prior to starting the round.  A putter does count as one! 4-player teams play a Scramble/Captain's Choice using ONLY their 4 clubs.  No sharing!

Polar Bear Scramble -Saturday, January 15  11AM
4-Person Polar Vortex Shamble:  Each player on the team hits a tee shot and the best amongst the four is chosen. Each player plays their own ball in until holed. Par 3’s-3 Best Ball, Par 4’s-2 Best Ball and Par 5’s-1 Best Ball are scored.

Super Bowl Scramble - Saturday, February 12  11AM
4-Player Alternate Super Scramble: Each 4-player team splits into two pairs.  Player ABCD split into pair AB and pair CD.  Pair AB tees off on odd holes and Pair CD tees off on even holes. A and B both hit tee shots. C and D chooses the best tee shot from A and B to play. C and D both hit the next shot. A and B chooses the best amongst the two. The process continues until the ball is holed.

March Madness - RESCHEDULE DATE Sunday, March 27th  10AM
4-Player Superintendent's Madness Scramble:  4-player Scramble with a twist! The course will be played longer and set up to be very difficult!

ENTRY FEES PER EVENT: $55 Members, $90 Non-Members
INCLUDES: Two drink tickets, Awards banquet, 2-hour light open bar

Cup Points

Points are awarded to individuals after each event based on their respective team's finish.  Teams may recruit new players for different events.

1st Place Finish 10 points
2nd Place Finish 8 points
3rd Place Finish 6 points
4th Place Finish 4 points
5th Place Finish 2 points
Contests 2 points
Event Participation      1 point


Please contact Troy Reynolds, PGA at or 703-580-9000.

Old Hickory Golf Club
11921 Chanceford Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22192