Summer Series

Due to popular demand based on our annual Winter Series, we are excited to unveil a new 2020 Old Hickory Summer Series! Play in one tournament or play in them all and earn points to be the 2020 Summer Series champion! Prizes will be awarded per tournament as well as for the overall series.


OLD HICKORY SUMMER SERIES SCHEDULE 2020 OH summer series 2020 web resize

July 5 Old Hickory Open (1PM Tee Times)
Gross and net winners - Challenging Course Setup: black tee box, tough pins, high rough
Handicap required

July 19 The Old Hickory Shambleford (1PM Tee Times)
Teams of 4 - Combines shamble format with Stableford scoring (Eagle – 8 points, Birdie – 4 points, Par – 2 points, Bogey – 1 point)
2 scores counted per hole
2 flights of winners

August 2 The Lone Ranger (1PM Tee Times)
Teams of 4 - Players rotate being the “lone ranger” who plays his/her own ball. Remaining players do a 3-player scramble on each hole.
Both individual and team scores are recorded per-hole
2 flights of winners

August 30 Chi-Town Classic (1PM Tee Times)
Teams of 2 - Chicago scoring. Players have a certain quota to reach depending on their handicap and tee box chosen to play.
Both players’ scores count – best scores in relation to quota determine winners
2 flights of winners
Handicap Required

September 20 The Old Hickory Ryder Cup (11AM Tee Times)
Top 2 Summer Series in the standings are Captains 1 and 2
Captain 1 gets ODD #s in standings (3-19) + 2 picks
Captain 2 gets EVEN #s in standings (4-20) + 2 picks
9 holes four-ball/better-ball, 9 holes foursome/alternate shot, 9 holes head-to-head match

Summer Series Entry

• $60 for Members; $100 for non-members (excluding Ryder Cup)
• Open beverage cart and grille station during play
• 4 contest holes in each tournament
• Points awarded to individuals based on placing in 1st or 2nd flight or winning contests
• Top 20 individuals earn spot in Ryder Cup finale tournament

Summer Series Points

1st flight (OR Gross):
• 1st – 10 points
• 2nd – 8 points
• 3rd – 6 points
• 4th – 4 points

2nd flight (OR Net):
• 1st – 6 points
• 2nd – 4 points
• 3rd – 2 points

Contest winners (CTP & Long Drive):
• 2 points

For more information, contact Austin Hurlbrink at