Summer Series 2021



The Old Hickory Shambleford   May 16th – 2pm ShotgunOH summer series 2021 v2
Teams of 4
Combines shamble format with Stableford scoring (Eagle – 8 points, Birdie – 4 points, Par – 2 points, bogey – 1 point)
2 scores counted per hole
2 or 3 random flights

The Sinister Scramble   June 13th – 2pm Shotgun
2-player handicapped scramble event
Course is made to be difficult: black tee box, tough pins, high rough
Handicap required
Gross and Net flighting

4-Man Maxwell   July 11th – 2pm Shotgun
Teams of 4 – handicaps required
All players play their own ball until the ball is holed
The worst score on each hole is thrown out / the best 3 scores are kept
2 flights of winners – Gross and Net

Lone Ranger   August 1st – 2pm Shotgun
Teams of 4
Players rotate being the “lone ranger” who plays his/her own ball
Remaining players do a 3-player scramble on each hole
Both individual and team scores are recorded per-hole
2 or 3 flights of winners – random flighting

Chi-Town Classic     August 15th – 2pm Shotgun
Teams of 2 – handicaps required
Chicago scoring – players have a certain quota to reach depending on their handicap and tee box chosen to play
Both players’ scores count – best scores in relation to quota determine winners
2 flights of winners – Best score (+/-) in Chicago & Total points scored

The Old Hickory Ryder Cup   September 12th – 11am TT
Top 2 Summer Series in the standings are Captains 1 and 2
Captain 1 gets ODD #s in standings (3-19) + 2 picks
Captain 2 gets EVEN #s in standings (4-20) + 2 picks
Six groups of 2-player team matches – 7 holes four-ball/better-ball, 5 holes foursome/alternate shot, 6 holes head-to-head match (total of 24 holes in the match; individual holes essentially count double)
- Winning team splits the prize pool money from the whole Summer


  • $65 for Members; $110 for non-members
  • Open beverage cart and hot meal during play
  • Four contest holes in each tournament
  • Points awarded to individuals based on placing in flights or winning contests
  • Top 20 individuals earn spot in Ryder Cup finale tournament


Handicapped Events Gross
1st – 10 points
2nd – 8 points
3rd – 6 points
4th – 4 points

Handicapped Events Net
1st – 8 points
2nd – 6 points
3rd – 4 points
4th – 2 points

Random Flight Events- Each Flight
1st - 8 points
2nd – 6 points
3rd - 4 points

Contest winners (CTP & Long Drive) - 2 points
Frequent Player Bonus - 4 points earned for playing in 4 out of first 5 events

Please contact Austin Hurlbrink at 703-580-9000 or for more information.